Balancing Services

E. T. Balancing has a broad range of equipment and the skilled personnel to operate this equipment. In addition to the balancing equipment mentioned above, E. T. owns a H. P. Structural Dynamics Analyzer, a Spectral Dynamics Spectrum Analyzer, three Rockland Spectrum Analyzers, a 100 megahertz Tektronix Oscilloscope and several IRD Vibration Analyzers. Computer capability consist of several cutting edge computers that are fully networked. This combination has allowed E. T. to handle many challenging problems in the shop and in the field. E. T. is regularly called upon to balance miniature turbines which operate at rotational velocities greater than 300,000 RPM. Jet engine turbine shafts which require 24 hours in a controlled temperature to stabilize after each minor correction, are routinely balanced. E. T. was chosen to do this operation after other balancing facilities had ruined several of these shafts.

Below is a picture of a 12,000 pound impeller balanced by R. T. This impeller, which belongs to the California Water Resources Board, is one of four powered by an 88,000 horsepower motor.


Water was entering and eroding drilled and capped holes in the rotor causing the unbalance. E. T. balanced the rotor and solved the problem for this customer.

A second picture shown below is of a centrifugal rotor. The problem with this job was the fact that the correction had to be made without disturbing the ceramic tile lining which is bonded to the ware surface.


Again E. T. was able to use sound engineering practices to solve a unique problem.